Name:   Cynotilapia sp. "lion" (undescribed)

Synonym:   Cynotilapia sp. "Lions Cove"

Common name:   Lions Cove Afra

Location:    Near Lions Cove in Lake Malawi

Adult size:    3 1/2 inches (9 cm)

Diet:    omnivore


Personal notes:  Cynotilapia sp. "Lions Cove" is a dwarf mbuna.  The males are much more colorful than the females.  They are a moderately aggressive cichlid that attains a size of only about 3.5 inches (9 cm) but they can hold their own against some larger mbuna.


The two pictures above are of a 2 inch juvenile male Cynotilapia sp. "lions cove".  Note that while the body is yellow and brown striped, the fins are dark blue and white striped with a bright yellow tips on the dorsal fins.  Lions Cove is the same location where the popular yellow lab can be found.  This Cynotilapia came with a used tank that I bought.  I only kept him for about six months and then sold him to another hobbyest.

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