Name:    Paralabidochromis chilotes "Ruti Island" (Greenwood 1959)

Synonym:    Haplochromis chilotes   (Boulenger, 1911)

Common name:    Victoria big-lipped Hap

Location:    Lake Victoria (Ruti Island in the Speke Gulf, Tanzania)

Adult size:    Males 6 inches (15 cm) and Females 4 1/2 inches (12 cm)

Diet:    insectivore

Haplochromis (Paralabidochromis) chilotes has a wide distribution throughout Lake Victoria and the various locations have different coloration.


Personal notes:  I received eight Paralabidochromis chilotes in July of 2016 at the ACA convention in Cincinnati.

Above you can see one of the very young Paralabidochromis chilotes males at around 2 inches.

Above are some of my young female 2 inch (10 cm) Paralabidochromis chilotes females.


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