Name:    Pseudotropheus demasoni (Konings 1994)


Common name:   demasoni

Location:    Near Pombo Rocks (Tanzania) in Lake Malawi

Adult size:    male: 3 inches (8 cm)

Diet:    Herbivore


Personal notes:  I bought seven Pseudotropheus demasoni from a breeder at the Ohio Cichlid Extravaganza in 1999.  I understand that the demasoni are not at all that aggressive in the wild but they are quite aggressive in the confines of the aquarium, especially with each other.  Some hobbyists claim that they are best kept in groups of no less than 12 in a tank no smaller than 100 gallons.  Others claim that they will do okay in smaller tanks in smaller numbers, if there are other more dominant species in the tank to keep them in line. My seven demasoni did quite well in a 75 gallon community tank and have bred many times.  The males and females are identically colored although the females are slightly smaller, with shorter fins and (sometimes) a slightly more washed out color. Demasoni are smaller cichlids growing to only around 8 cm (3 inches). Pseudotropheus demasoni are dwarf mbuna from Pombo Rocks in Lake Malawi.  There is also another variation of demasoni with a slightly different look recently discovered called Ps demasoni "Mozambique".


In 2008, I bought 8 young adult Pseudotropheus demasoni "Pombo Rocks" from a local breeder.  i placed them in my 180 gallon tank where they are doing quite well.  They chase each other quite a bit, but don't really pay much attention at all to any of the other tank inhabitants. These are a truely fickle fish, with so many different experiences from different hobbiests, that it is tough to predict exactly how they will fair in different size tanks, in different numbers with different cohabitants.

The picture above is my dominant male demasoni.  


The above two pictures show some demasoni fry

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