Name:    Cynotilapia sp. "elongatus   mbenji blue" (Likely an incorrect ID.  See discussion below)

Synonym:    Pseudotropheus elongatus   "mbenji blue"

Common name:   

Location:    Lake Malawi

Adult male size:    5 inches (12 cm)

Diet:    omnivore


Personal notes:  Although he definitely looked like an elongatus type cichlid, I wasn't sure of the ID of this cichlid for quite awhile.  I posted these pictures to the cichlid-forum and one of the members there suggested the Pseudotropheus elongatus "mbenji blue" found near Mbenji Island in Lake Malawi.  Since this male is not exactly blue, I had my doubts.  Then I found a picture in the Aqualog catalogue of mbuna and it sure does look like a dead on match.  However, the more recent pictures on the internet tend to show a much different fish.  This mbuna came with a used tank I bought and I was not really interested in keeping an elongatus, so I sold him at the next club auction.

A male elongatus type cichlid of unknown species.

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