Name:    Metriaclima sp. "elongatus Chewere"

Synonym:    Pseudotropheus elongatus "Chewere"

Common name:   

Location:    Chewere Reef, Lake Malawi

Adult size:    male: 4 inches (10 cm),   female: 3.5 inches (8 cm)

Diet:    Omnivore


Personal notes:  I purchased these as young adult mbuna at the Columbus Area Fish clubs spring 2012 auction.  I placed the colony in my 180 gallon tank.  They breed frequently but I don't try to collect the fry.  In a tank this large I find them to be only moderately aggressive, although the sub-dominant male doesn't show good color due to the harrassment.

Above is a young 2 inch (5 cm) male Pseudotropheus elongatus "Chewere"

And above are a couple 1.5 inch females


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