Name:    Haplochromis sp. "fire"

Synonym:    Paralabidochromis sp. "fire"

Common name:    Fire Red Ugandan

Location:    Northern Lake Victoria and Lake Kyoga

Adult size:    Male: 4 inches (10 cm),  Female: 3 1/2 inches (8 cm)

Diet:   Insectivore


Personal Notes:  A rock dwelling Victorian cichlid (mbipi) from the Ugandan shores of Lake Victoria (and/or from Lake Kyoga?).  I purchased 2 male and 9 female Hap sp. "fire" in 2010.  The dominant male shown below is still young at around 2" long.  The Haplochromis sp "fire" grows to only about 4 inches (11 cm) long.  They are easily identified by the grey color below the dorsal fins and into the "face" and the brilliant red/orange on the lower half of the body

Above you can see the dominant male Haplochromis sp. "fire".  Note how the excited male shows more red and brighter red as well as a more pronounced bar through the eye.  I'm keeping these 11 Victorians in a single species 55 gallon tank.

The colors on the subdominant male are not nearly as bright. 

The male above is the very young dominant male.

A couple of females above


It seems that the Haplochromis sp "fire" were fairly common in the late 1990's and then were unavailable for a number of years. I purchased the 1 male and 3 females in 1998.  They were in a community 55 gallon tank and never really showed much color.


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