Valid name:    Neochromis greenwoodi (Seehausen, Lippitsch & Bouton, 1998)

aka:  (when first imported they were thought to be Mbipia mbipia and sold as such)

Previous name:   Haplochromis sp. "velvet black"

Location:    Lake Victoria (Mwanza Gulf and maybe Speke Gulf)

Adult male size:    5 inches (13 cm)

Diet:   algae grazer


Personal notes:  I obtained 22 tiny little F1 (first generation from wild stock) Neochromis Greenwoodi fry in November of 2007.  After 13 months, the dominant male is 3 1/2" long and the smallest female is still only 1 1/4" long.  They are in a 75 gallon tank with Haplochromis sp "redfin piebald".   I never did get them to spawn.  After quite a few years, the aggressive males killed the females.  This is one species I hope to have again another day.

The dominant male Neochromis Greenwoodi above.

The dominant male at a younger age above

Upper left is a female and lower right is my dominant male Neochromis Greenwoodi.


The dominant male Neochromis Greenwoodi above.

A female Neochromis Greenwoodi above.

Young 1 1/2" sub-dominant males above

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