Name:   Metriaclima sp. "kingsizei Lupingu"

Synonym:   Pseudotropheus sp. "kingsizei Lupingu"

Common name:   

Location:    Lake Malawi

Adult size:   3.25 inches (8 cm)

Diet:   herbavore/omnivore


Personal notes:  I purchased eight of these Metriaclima sp. "kingsizei Lupingu" juveniles at the Ohio Cichlid Extravaganza in November of 2011.


                                                    The female is on the left                                                                  and the male is on the right

The dominant male is shown above

The fins on the breeding female above are orange.  Note the female has egg spots (oceli) on the anal fins.


The young females above are easily distinguished from the males since they are very pale colored until they mature.

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