Valid name:    Haplochromis limax "Red Chest"  (Trewavas, 1933)

Synonym:    NA

Common name:    Limax "Red Chest"

Location:    Lake George and Lake Edward

Adult male size:    4 inches (9 cm)


Haplochromis limax are not found in Lake Victoria itself.  They originate from the satellite lakes in the Victorian basin north of Lake Tanganyika.  


Personal Notes:  The fish on this page were SOLD TO ME as Haplochromis limax "Red Chest" by a trusted aquarium store that claims they were purchased from Old World Exotics.  However, there seems to be very little consistant information about this fish available.  The pictures of the limax from Europe are very different from my pictures below.  And other pictures of the limax being kept by other hobbiests in the US appears to be either a third varient or a different species altogether.


Old World =>  then look under October 2000


I seriouisly doubt that this limax identification is correct.  But as Old World sells more and more of them in the United States, the perception is becoming reality in the hobby.  When only slightly stressed, the males look very much like a rock kribensis.  However, the stripes disappear in the dominant condition.  The female "limax red chest" definitely do not look like rock kribensis.

Above is one of my 3.5 inch (9 cm) Haplochromis limax "Red Chest"

Above is the same fish using the flash

Above left is the 3 inch (8 cm) subdominant male and on the right one of the 2.5 inch (6.5 cm) females

Above are two pictures of the same fish in various moods.  On the right is the stressed coloration.


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