Name:   Lipochromis sp. "Matumbi hunter"

Synonym:   Haplochromis sp. "Matumbi hunter"

Common name:   Matumbi hunter

Location:    Lake Victoria

Adult size:    5 inches (13 cm)

Diet:    piscavore (omnivore)


Personal notes:  I received a very nice colony of ten juvenile Lipochromis sp. "Matumbi hunter" from a fellow hobbyist in June of 2012.  This is not the most exciting or attractive Victorian cichlid around, yet it is a bit different.  It's a fairly peaceful fish that is always out and about.  It swims to the top of the aquarium in anticipation of being fed just like my mbuna do.  I never see the bulging or dark colored throat of a holding female, I just see that she isn't eating.  When every matumbi hunter but one rushes to be fed but one, I know she is holding eggs.


I had a great deal of difficulty getting females out of the tank.  When ever I tried to net one she simply spit her eggs all over the place.  So instead, I got her to swim to one side of the tank and placed an egg crate divider between her and the others.  After a week, I could scoop her out and strip the fry.

Above is a young 3 inch (8 cm) dominant male Lipochromis sp. "Matumbi hunter"

Above is a mature 5.5 inch (13 cm) dominant male Lipochromis sp. "Matumbi hunter" in full breeding dress in March 2015

Above is a young 3 inch (8 cm) female Lipochromis sp. "Matumbi hunter"


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