Name:   Gephyrochromis moorii  (Boulenger, 1903)


Common name:   Orange top Moorii

Location:    near Msuli Point, Malawi in Lake Malawi

Adult size:    5.25 inches (13 cm)

Diet:    omnivore


Personal notes:  I bought ten little 1 inch Gephyrochromis moorii at the Ohio Cichlid Extravaganza in November of 2005.  They were just a bunch of ugly little dark brown juveniles. It took a long time for the males to color up.  They bred in December of 2006.  I grew the fry out and sold them as I wasn't interested in keeping this species long term.  


Above are two of my 5 inch (12 cm) male Gephyrochromis moorii


And above is one of my 4 inch (10 cm) female Gephyrochromis moorii


Above are a few juveniles males:


And above is a young female holding fry/eggs in her mouth:

Above are Gephyrochromis moorii fry

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