Name:    Astatotilapia nubila  (Boulenger,  1906)

Synonym:    Haplochromis nubilus

Common name:    Blue Victoria Mouthbrooder (according to fishbase?)

Location:    Wide distribution including Lake Victoria and surrounding rivers

Adult size:    Males: 4 inches (10 cm),  Females: 3.5 inches (9 cm)

Diet:    insectivore

This is the fish we know as the A. nubila in the US.  It doesn't quite match the description of the nubilus by Boulenger, so the American nubilus is  thought to be either a different species or a varient of the "real" nubila.  


The nubila is probably the most common victorian in the wild since it has a wide distribution throughout the satellite lakes and the rivers in the victorian basin.  The dominant male is jet black with brilliant red on the fins.  


Personal notes:  I bought three Astatotilapia nubila in 1998.  There were dozens of them in a small tank at the local aquarium a  jet black body and brilliant red fins.  As soon as the net hit the water they all looked much the same.  A dull gray with very little red at all.  I placed them in a 40 gallon long tank with young Haplochromis species #44 "thickskin".  In a short period of time, after some intense fighting, my three nubila were down to one.


Then in 2008, a nearby hobbyest was looking to rehome some of his nubila colony because it was very male heavy.  So I offered to give five adult male nubila a home in my 180 gallon tank.  They colored up and seemed to get along fine in the bigger tank.  Now two years later I'm down to 2 male nubila.


None of these picture capture the true color.  They are jet black with brilliant red (almost glowing) finnage.


All the above pictures are of the dominant male Haplochromis (Astatotilapia) nubila I was given in 2008.  

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