Name:    Neochromis Omnicaeruleus Makobe Island  (Seehausen & Bouton, 1998)

Synonym:   Haplochromis sp. "blue scaper"

Common name:    tricolor fulu

Location:    Lake Victoria (Makobe Island in the Mwanza Gulf, Tanzania)

Adult size:    Males 5 inches (13 cm) and Females 4 inches (11 cm)

Diet:    Algae grazer

Neochromis Omnicaeruleus has been found in southern Lake Victoria and the various locations have different coloration.  The Neochromis Omnicaeruleus "purple Muhuru" was making the rounds several years ago.  This varient has males that are more purple and OB females that are a bit more orange.


Personal notes:  I received nine Neochromis Omnicaeruleus in October of 2011 from a hobbyist friend in Florida.  Unfortunately I didn't have them all that long until I lost all but one male to disease.  But I was able to pick up another colony of 8 juveniles at the Ohio Cichlid Extravaganza in November on 2013.  Hopefully, this will result in a nice breeding colony some day.

This is the lone male that survived a disease that wiped out all the rest of the tank

My 3 males occasionally get together to discuss dominance issues.  It took awhile for them to turn blue

Above is my young dominant male Neochromis Omnicaeruleus.  As you can see, they are usually yellowish but sometimes more blue.

Above are some of my young female Neochromis Omnicaeruleus


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