Name:   Harpagochromis sp. "orange rock hunter"

Synonym:   Haplochromis sp. "orange rock hunter"

Common name:   Orange Rock Hunter

Location:    around Gabalema Island in Lake Victoria

Adult size:    7.5 inches (20 cm)

Diet:    Piscivore


Personal notes:  I received eight of these Harpagochromis sp. "orange rock hunter" at the Ohio Cichlid Association Extravaganza in November 2015.  Although the male does occasionally show the orange color you see on other sites it is a relatively rare occurance.  I had some trouble netting holding females since they would spit the eggs when they got stressed.  I finally harvested just 3 fry in December 2016 along with maybe 30 to 40 unfertilized eggs.


They have bred for me several times and I've been able to distribute them.  However, I prefer smaller, less aggressive and more colorful fish so this species is not a long term keeper for me.


Above is my lone male orange rock hunter at arond 6 inches (15 cm) and 1.5 years old.

Above is one of my five female orange rock hunters at around 6 inches (14 cm) and 1.5 years old.


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