Name:   Melanochromis parallelus (Burgess & Axelrod 1976)


Common name:   Black & White Auratus

Location:    Lake Malawi

Adult size:    5 inches (13 cm)

Diet:    omnivore


Personal notes:  I did keep the Melanochromis parallelus many years ago before I had a digital camera.  I found it to be a bit less aggressive than most other Melanochromis species.  The males and females all start out black and white.  The females maintain that color while the males essentially reverse the turns white (or blue) and white turns black.  My male grew fairly large and bulky and had a bit of a bluish hue as well.  Some people mistake this as a Melanochromis auratus although it is distinctly different in coloration. 

The pictures on this page were taken at the Atlanta Aquariumin 2008 on a tour at the ACA Convention.

The male Melanochromis parallelus above.

The white and black Melanochromis parallelus above are females.

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