Name:   Pseudotropheus perspicax (Konings 1995)


Common name:   Orange Cap Ndumbi

Location:    Lake Malawi,  Ndumbi Reef, Tanzania

Adult size:    4 inches (11 cm)

Diet:    herbivore


Personal notes:  I bought what was labeled as a trio of these at the Cincinnati club auction in April 2005.  Unfortunately, they turned out to be a reverse trio.  They were not quite 3 inches (7 cm) long.  They are a relatively new introduction into the hobby having been featured in the 2001 Cichlid News in whats new from Lake Malawi.  They have grown to around 4.25 inches (11 cm) long.  There are several color morphs of the perspicax.  This one is from Ndumbi Reef in Tanzania and is also referred to as the Ps "perspicax orange cap"  They are supposed to be very aggressive although I have yet to see this behavior in my 180 gallon.  They are vegetarians ..... note the rounded mouth reminiscent of the Labeotropheus.

Above is the dominant male Pseudotropheus perspicax:


In 2011 I bought 10 little juveniles labeled as "Ndumbi's" at the local fish store.  This time I got 6M:4F.  After selling three males I had a nice colony that bred quite often.

The young dominant male with a sub-dominant male

And my young females are shown above


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