Name:   Pseudotropheus sp. "polit"


Common name:   

Location:    Near Lions Cove (Malawi) in Lake Malawi

Adult size:    3 1/2 inches (9 cm)

Diet:    herbivore


Personal notes:  I purchased a colony of 2 male and 8 female Pseudotropheus sp. "polit" in May of 2013 from the local aquarium store.  Initially I'm raising this species in a 40 gallon long tank.  The male on male polit aggression is fairly extreme.  This is a feisty, energetic species.  They have bred easily and often for me.

Above is my male Pseudotropheus sp. "polit"

Above is a male and female Pseudotropheus sp. "polit"

Above is one of my female Pseudotropheus sp. "polit"

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