Valid name:    Pundamilia sp. "red head"

Common name:    Red Head Nyererei

Location:    Lake Victoria around Zue Island

Adult male size:    5 inches (12.5 cm)

Diet:   Omnivorous but generally scrapes the algae


Personal notes:  I purchased 12 Pundamilia sp. "red head" at the Ohio Cichlid Extravaganza in November of 2013.  Ten have made it to adulthod.  My 3M:7F is a nice mix that breeds often but hides far too much.  I have them in a single species 40 gallon tank.  The males are full grown and have a somewhat bulky body shape.  All three male show some red although the dominant male show the most and the brightest red.

My full grown 6 inch (15 cm) dominant male Pundamilia sp. "red head" above.

My young dominant male Pundamilia sp. "red head" is shown above.

 A young 2 1/2" (7 cm) male above before he got all his color.

A young 2" (6 cm) female above

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