Valid name:    Neochromis rufocauldalis "Makobe Island"  (Seehausen & Bouton 1998)

Synonym:    Neochromis nigricans

Common name:    (sometimes referred to as the "Victorian Tropheus")

Location:    Lake Victoria around Saa Nane Island

Adult male size:    4 1/2 inches (11 cm)

Diet:   algae scraper

This blue colored rufocaudalis is the color variety from around Saa Nane Island in the southeastern portion of Lake Victoria.


Personal notes:  I was given 6 young adult (4M:2F) Neochromis rufocauldalis by a friend in July 2006.  I initially placed them in a single species 55 gallon tank.  The aggression level between males was extreme, and the chasing of the females was constant and let's also call it enthusiastic.  I tried introducing a few mbuna to the mix and it did not change the behavior at all.  They did breed, and two months later a female spit 16 little fry.  I moved three males to a 180 gallon community tank leaving a trio in the 55 gallon tank.  That didn't work out well either as the dominant male killed one of the females.  I obtained more rufocaudalis from the same source and this time the majority were female.

I decided to place all the rufocaudalis in the 180 gallon community tank.  This is never my first choice as a breeding tank due to the effort it takes to remove the rocks to catch a holding female.  But then I never had to worrry about that since they stopped breeding.  I had already distributed the 16 fry to two different people and neither one was successful at keeping and breeding them for distribution to others.

This frustrating cichlid is one of my all time favorites.  I only wish that I had kept those 16 fry for myself.

One of the 3.5 inch (9 cm) male Neochromis rufocaudalis males above.

One of the 3.5 inch (9 cm) male Neochromis rufocaudalis females above.

Gotta love those blue lips.

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