Name:   Ptyochromis sp "Salmon"

Synonym:    Haplochromis sp. "Hippo Point salmon"

Common name:    Hippo Point Salmon

Location:    Lake Victoria     (Hippo Point, Kenya)

Adult size:    males: 5 inches (12 cm),   Females: 3.5 inches (8 cm)

Diet:    snail extractor


Personal notes:  I purchased 15 little one inch Hippo Point Salmon at the ACA convention in July of 2009.  I have them in a 75 gallon tank with limestone rocks, a sand substrate and some Java Fern and Anubia Barteri plants.  It looks like I have 9M:6F.  I sold 5 males to get a little better ratio.  They're supposed to be one of the more peaceful Victorian cichlids and so some extent they are.  But all 4 males definitely hold a small territory and chase other males from their area.  I've kept this species before but they never colored up for me previously.  Mine have absolutely required a female in the tank or the males look identical to the females with no red what so ever.  With a large enough tank, plenty of females and no other fish more dominant, all four males are colored up all the time.

Ptyochromis sp. "Salmon" video

A young 2 1/2" male Ptyochromis sp. "salmon" above.

A young 2 1/2" female Ptyochromis sp. "salmon" above.


The (1 1/2") juveniles above (no color yet).


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