Name:   Iodotropheus sprengerae


Common name:   Rusty cichlid

Location:    Lake Malawi, around Braodzulu Island, Mozambique

Adult size:    4 inches (10 cm)

Diet:    omnivore


Personal notes:  An mbuna from Lake Malawi commonly called a "rusty cichlid."  This is a very commonly available Malawi cichlid.  I had my rusty now for over eight years.  He has cross bred with the red zebra twice.  These are supposedly relatively peaceful cichlids that are not territorial in the wild.  Mine is not so peaceful and definately tends to half-heartedly defend his small loosely defined area over top of a rock.  The purple shown here becomes very visible when he is in a fight or attempting to entice a female.  The females lack the vivid purple color.  They are not the most colorful cichlid you could buy but he is always active and has a body shape quite different from other mbuna.  He is getting older and tends to loose fights he used to win.  He had a bite in his side the size of a half-dollar and I didn't expect him to live.  Although it took quite a long time to heal (and I did not have another tank available for him to recuperate in) he did survive to fight another day.

Above is a male Iodotropheus sprengerae (aka rusty cichlid):


In this photo he was in a slightly different mood and in a stronger light.

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