Name:    Tropheops tropheops "yellow chin"

Synonym: Pseudotropheus tropheops "yellow chin"

Common name:

Location:    Lake Malawi

Adult size:    male: 5 inches (12 cm)

Diet:    herbivore


Personal notes:  I bought ten 1.25" Tropheops sp, "yellow chin" at the ACA convention in Cincinnati in July of 2003.  They have grown very quickly in my 180 gallon tank.  I believe that Tropheops used to be a subgenus to Pseudotropheus but has been elevated to genus status and the Pseudotropheus has been dropped.  The seller was Midwest cichlids out of Iowa.  Note the difference in color pattern between these males.  This is NOT a mood based color change, it is very much that each individual Tropheops has a slightly different color and pattern.  Some are considerably more yellow than others and some show a distinct checkerboard barring and others show no barring at all.  The Tropheops have a very nasty reputation as a very aggressive mbuna.  I have not found this to be true for this variety (at least in my 180 gallon tank).  The Tropheops spend their lives tilted at a 45º angle picking at the rocks.

 A young male Tropheops sp. "yellow chin" above

Tropheops females above.  I can tell that two or three of them are male and I can tell that two of them are female but the rest are colored somewhere in between.

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No, I don't have fry.  This is the picture taken when I first purchased these Tropheops.