Name:   Tropheops tropheops "Chilumba"

Synonym:    Pseudotropheus tropheops "Chilumba"

Common name:    Red Top Chilumba

Location:    Lake Malawi at Mphanga Rocks near Chilumba

Adult size:    males: 5 inches (12 cm),   Females: 4.5 inches (11 cm)

Diet:    Algae (aufwuchs) grazer

Both males and females are yellow as juveniles and the males turn the stunning color shown below:


Personal notes:  My first experience with this species was a trio of full grown adult Tropheops sp. "Chilumba" Mphanga Rocks that I purchased from the local fish store in 2004.  That ended in disaster as the male went on a killing spree and killed every other fish in the 55 gallon tank.  But then a weak moment I bought a colony of ten little 1 inch Tropheops sp. "Chilumba" at the Ohio Cichlid Extravaganza in November 2010.  Now they are in a 180 gallon tank and doing quite well breeding frequently.

Above is my dominant male Tropheops "Chilumba" from the colony I purchased in 2010.  They are a bit more blue and have a touch of orange on the head.

Above is my dominant male Tropheops "Chilumba" from the trio I purchased in 2004.  They are a bit more purple and have no orange on the head.

Luckily the colony of 10 turned out to be 2M:8F.  The females are shown above.

The Tropheops breed frequently in the 180 gallon tank.  I was lucky enough to capture the breeding on video here.

On the left is a young male going through the color transition.                                           On the right is the young female holding fry in her mouth.

Above are the juveniles I grew out in a 55 gallon tank


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