Name:   Harpagochromis cf. vonlinnei    (van Oijen & Zeeuw, 2008)

(In the hobby) Synonym:   Harpagochromis sp. "serranus Juma Island"  (Mark Smith)

Common name:   

Location:    around Juma Island in the Mwanza Gulf of Lake Victoria

Adult size:   7 inches (18 cm)

Diet:   piscivore


Personal notes:  A hobbyist friend gave me a trio of Harpagochromis cf. vonlinnei in 2016.  He hadn't gotten these fish to breed and was hoping that I would have better luck.  That hasn't proven to be the case as I haven't had any luck with this species either.  When it first appeared in the hobby I had seen it referred to as Harpagochromis sp. "serranus Juma Island".


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