Name:         Lithochromis xanthopteryx "Makobe Island"

Synonym:   Haplochromis sp. "black pseudonigricans"

Common name:   Black pseudonigricans

Location:    Lake Victoria

Adult size:    males: 4 inches (10 cm),   Females: 3 inches (7 cm)

Diet:    Algae


Personal notes:  I obtained a colony of Lithochromis xanthopteryx as fry in 2011.  There is some concern that the xanthopteryx available in the US have been hybridized over the years.  Some say that the xanthopteryx look to have been mixed with either crimson tides or with igneopinnis.  I was concerned enough about my strain that I decided not to breed or distribute any fry.

And as adults (above) they've lost the red on the snout.


You can see how dramatically different the subdominant male above looks as compared to the dominant male.

Above is what the females look like.


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