These pictures were taken at the Columbus Zoo.  If anyone can help with the proper identification it would be much appreciated.  I've done my best, but I'm sure that I'm far from perfect here.  The Columbus Zoo has four species they are keeping as a part of the Lake Victoria Species Survival Program; Harpagochromis sp "two stripe white lip", Labrochromis ishmaeli, Astatotilapia piceatus and Oreochromis variabilis.  They also have a large display tank with other species.

Above => Oreochromis variabilis

Above => Harpagochromis sp "two stripe white lip"

Above => Macropleurodus bicolor ???

Above => Pyxichromis orthostoma(on the left)              Lipochromis parvidens (on the right)

Above => Labrochromis ishmaeli??  (on the left)         same fish or a different species on the right?

Above => ?????????????????

Above => Haplochromis plagiodon????????????

Above => Oreochromis esculentus                    On the right?