Name:   Cynotilapia sp. "Mbamba" Nkhungu

Synonym:   Cynotilapia sp. "black eastern"

Common name:   Black Eastern

Location:    Lake Malawi,   Nkhungu Point, Mozambique

Adult size:    4 inches (10 cm)

Diet:    omnivore


Personal notes:  One of the local fish club members made a trip to Africa and brought some black easterns back with him in 1998.  He successfully bred them and I bought six of these F1 cichlids at a local club auction in 1999.  I raised them in a single species 40 gallon tank.  I wasn't successful breeding them so, after a few years, I sold all but the dominant male.  This is the dominant male that I decided to keep and move to my 75 gallon tank.  The females are very plain and not at all attractive.  When stressed, the males loose their stripes and turn a gray/black but when in breeding dress are quite impressive.



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